At TURN’s May 27, 2010 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors voted on new leadership for the next year. Dan Adams has completed his two year term as Board Chairperson and will be the Immediate Past Chair. Thank you for your service, Dan! Mary Grace (Susie) Miner will become our new Board Chairperson. Nan Bassett has stepped down as the Vice Chairperson, and Kathy Hale will become the next Vice Chairperson for the upcoming year. Eric Vanderhooft will remain the Treasurer of the Board, and Kathryn (Kay) Foley will continue on as the Board Secretary.

The following Board Members were elected for an additional two year term:

Eric Vanderhooft
Dan Adams
Calvin Cragun
Nan Bassett
Kathy Hale
Stan Radford
These elections are in agreement with the by-laws of TURN Community Services as adopted in 2009.

I appreciate the efforts of all of our Board Members; together we have and will continue to make our organization a place that continues to “TURN Dreams into Reality”.

Phil Shumway

Executive Director


pooledtrust1The Utah Pooled Trust, administered by TURN, has been in place for 8 months and has been making a difference for people with disabilities and their families.

Dave Hennessey, the Trust Administrator for TURN, shares the following story as an example of how the Pooled Trust meets some very special and critical needs.

“Several months ago, I received a phone call from a woman whose adult son was going to be receiving an insurance payout of about $20, 000. We talked for about an hour, and I sent her an information packet with an application for her to complete when they received the money. Last week, I got another call from her. They had received the money two months ago, and the insurance company had convinced her to let them deposit the money in one of their interest-bearing checking accounts. The account was solely in the son’s name. When she questioned them about this and said that she was concerned that his Medicaid would be jeopardized, she was told that this was the best way to manage the funds, and that it wouldn’t affect his Medicaid eligibility.”

“As the two months went by, she was feeling unconvinced and somewhat worried, so she contacted her son’s Medicaid worker to report the account and make sure that he would, in fact, maintain his eligibility. She was told that the funds were an asset to her son, and that he had until May 31st to bring his assets below $2,000 or he would lose his Medicaid eligibility! May 31st was one week away, and she had to either spend the money or put it into a Special Needs Trust.”

“She and her son drove to my office from Magna that afternoon. In an hour, we completed the Joinder Agreement, went to the bank together to make a deposit, had the trust documents notarized, and copied the Trust documents for Medicaid. Several times, she expressed her gratitude for the Pooled Trust and that she felt impressed to call me again that morning. The son will maintain his crucial Medicaid eligibility, and he now has funds set aside for important supplemental needs in the years to come”

The mission of The Utah Pooled Trust is to manage financial assets for people with disabilities without compromising their government benefits. The Trust is intended to provide extra and supplemental services for the care, support, comfort, education, and training of the beneficiary over and above public and/or private benefits.

For more information, visit the Utah Pooled Trust website at, or call Dave Hennessey at 801-343-3900.


Microsoft Word - Group Home Flyer April 2010After several months of remodeling to meet Health Department and Licensing regulations, the Orem Group Home is now licensed and able to house more than five residents. The home was purchased by TURN in August 2009, and is designed to support medically fragile individuals and those who use wheelchairs.

Dave Hennessey, Associate Director and Director of Operations for Utah County, says the home has been a dream of his Residential Services staff for years. “For quite a while, we have wanted an option for many of our folks who have increasing medical and supervision needs”, said Dave. “Unfortunately, we have had to watch several people move to nursing homes when we thought they could continue to live in the community with the right setting and supports.”  Dinah Talker is TURN’s Program Coordinator at the home. “It is a very nice home, and the ladies really enjoy it here. Everything they need, such as shopping and doctors, is just a minute away.  My staff love it here and they are working really well as a team.”


EastbaytreeUnited Way of Utah County mobilized more than 200 volunteers on Saturday, November 21st for United Way’s National Day of Service, Family Volunteer Day. Following a pancake breakfast, volunteers of all ages were dispatched to eight nonprofit organizations in Orem, Provo and Payson to perform various service projects.

East Bay Day Program was one of two TURN sites chosen by United Way. More than 45 community volunteers, including several families, joined TURN clients and staff members for a morning of great holiday fun. Working in groups, volunteers washed windows, decorated a Christmas tree, handcrafted Christmas décor, and put together 30 gift packages for clients of the Central Utah Center for Independent Living, and their families. Most of the items used in the project, including the tree and ornaments, were donated by Utah County businesses and organizations, individual community members, and United Way.

OremhomeIn Orem, another service project was underway at TURN’s first Utah County group home, where more than 16 volunteers from the Orange Soda search engine marketing firm, Telos Academy, and United Way came together to rake leaves, perform indoor cleaning tasks, decorate a Christmas tree, and hang about 400 feet of outdoor Christmas lights, which were donated by Orange Soda.

TURN extends thanks to the wonderful volunteers and families who participated, to United Way of Utah County, to Orange Soda, to Telos Academy, and to Rachel Lopez, Volunteer Coordinator for AmeriCorps*VISTA, who planned and organized the Family Volunteer Day projects.