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Since 2015, TURN and the University of Utah School of Dentistry have been collaborating on a mutually educational program. Our Director of Therap and Quality Assurance, Eddie Fung, visits future dentists during their “Clinical Prevention and Population Health” course, which aims to expose them to different populations of people they may encounter as dentists. He presents a lecture about people with developmental disabilities. Then the students visit some of our day programs and conduct oral health outreach activities. They teach TURN participants and staff how to brush and floss properly, and they supply everyone with an oral health hygiene kit.

On March 10th the dental students visited TURN’s Midvale Activity Center and Adventure Center. They will be visiting our Farmington and Clearfield Day Programs on April 14th. A huge thank you to the Utah School of Dentistry! It’s a mutually beneficial program that everyone enjoys!

Kyle, Tony, and Romeo


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Alieu Sannoh – Direct Support Professional (10 years)

Fresh out of High School, I had no real direction or what I wanted to do. My cousin told me about the employment here at TURN, and I applied. Never in my imagination did I think I would still be here. The clients, staffs, and others in TURN have influenced my life immensely. Being employed here at TURN, overshadowed my personal expectations of my life, and provided me with the confidence needed to succeed in life. I was an exemplar, an assistant coordinator, currently I am a member of Toast Masters all of which fuel the desires to further my education. My long-term goal is to achieve a master’s degree in business administration.

My life has been greatly rewarded through my interactions with the clients, I’m blessed.

Katie Johnson – Program Coordinator, City Center for the Arts (5 years)

I’ve been at City Center for the Arts in downtown Salt Lake for almost the entire time they’ve been open. I came in shortly after its opening, as a DSP, and now am the coordinator. It’s been exciting to see how much the program has grown and evolved over the past 5 years, and how much the individuals within the program have grown and evolved.

It’s incredible to be a part of someone’s growth as a person, and I think that’s what keeps me in this field. I have a background in performance art and a degree in musical theater, so this job is a unique and fulfilling opportunity to use my background to enrich our clients’ lives. It’s a remarkable feeling when I see that a concept we’ve been learning in our music theory class has finally clicked, or when they have learned a new song well enough that they can sing it without my help. Seeing how capable these guys are of learning some difficult concepts and techniques, and how happy it makes them is incredibly gratifying.

Adam Watkins – Direct Support Professional /Exemplar (15 years)

Amy Franson – Direct Support Professional (5 years)


If you are up for a challenge, Shawn Rosenbaum invites you to a race! Shawn has won two awards for being the most dedicated employee at Pizza Hut, and is the self-proclaimed fastest pizza box folder in Northern Utah. Shawn started with Pizza Hut in March of 2000, has missed very few days, and takes pride in being at the same store for the last 17 years. He has built great friendships and rapport with his co-workers.

Besides being a lightning fast box-folder, Shawn also re-stocks the soda in the fridge, re-stocks the dipping sauces, counts chicken wings, and assists with the dishes. He navigates the store and completes all assigned tasks despite being legally blind. Shawn thrives on working in a busy environment and enjoys working on days when big orders from the school district come through and he is called in. His favorite day to work is Super Bowl Sunday! When Shawn is not at work, he enjoys making people laugh, and sharing his love for music and movies with his friends.


Alisha Brady

Alisha (Ali) Brady, age 42, passed away on March 12, 2017. Ali attended Jordan Valley School; and enjoyed summer programs at Camp Kostopolis for many years. Ali spent the last 16 years of her life here in Cedar City where she lived in a TURN Residential home and attended the day program.

Ali was a vibrant, happy person who loved life, art, school, animals and being with her friends. She had a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh. Ali loved spending time with her mother and dog Sophie.

Ali loved reading books and had many favorites that she had memorized and would often finish the sentences. She also enjoyed music and singing along to her favorite songs. Swimming and bowling were some of her other favorite activities and she participated many times in the Utah Summer Games bowling.

Ali touched many lives and will be missed by all that knew her.


Melvin Maestas

Melvin Maestas passed away February 27, 2017 in Roy, Utah at age 58.  He was born July 17, 1958 in Ogden, Utah to loving parents Felipe A. and Augustina Abeyta Maestas.

Melvin lived life on his own terms. He always seemed to know exactly what people wanted him to do, but he would only do it if he felt like it. He followed his own directions! He was also quite the teaser and enjoyed pushing people’s buttons. Melvin had a delightful and somewhat wicked sense of humor, and loved to have fun. He loved people and was quite a gentleman with the ladies. If there is anyone who could teach us about the importance of respecting the will, the wishes, and the desires of the individual, regardless of that individual’s ability to communicate clearly, it was Melvin. He will be dearly missed.

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”—