Miss Inspiration 2017


The 2017 Miss Inspiration Pageant is coming up next Thursday, March 23rd, noon to 1:30pm at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem, and 15 women with disabilities will compete for the title. Their life stories and their dreams will inspire you (and maybe make you cry), and the event and the entertainment is so fun you might just laugh until you cry!

The Miss Inspiration Pageant honors and celebrates the lives of women with disabilities who inspire others while facing significant life challenges. Miss Inspiration 2017 and her 4 Attendants will look forward to 2 years of community service and fulfilling their role as advocates for people with disabilities throughout Utah. The Miss Inspiration Royalty partners with cities, civic organizations, and other royalty to celebrate life in Utah and promote the image of persons with disabilities as capable and contributing neighbors and citizens.

Don’t miss out, and please share this with your friends so we can fill Showhouse II at the SCERA!

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