Work For TURN

“Oh my gosh, I love being a part of the TURN Community Services family! I have been working at TURN for almost 2 years (May 2013) and I haven’t looked back! I love how blessed I am to have this amazing job/experience. Thank you for letting me do my part! This job is beyond rewarding!  – Rachel McKinley

Employment1TURN welcomes applicants for positions in residential, family support/respite, day training and supported employment programs for persons with developmental disabilities, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Cerebral Palsy (CP).  Personal funds management, self-reliance, community inclusion, responsibility and individual choice are the focus of these programs.

Part to full time schedules are available: day training and supported employment programs operate daytime weekdays; residential schedules generally require evenings and part of the weekend and some graveyard and/or split shifts are available. Most positions are year-round, but some summer work is available.



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Program Coordinator
Direct Support Professional
Program Assistant 


Exemplar Program

exemplarlogocolorTURN’s Exemplar Program comprises a group of Direct Support Professionals who go above and beyond the regular duties of their jobs. They serve as role models for other Direct Support Professionals in how they support people receiving TURN’s services, and in how they demonstrate effective teamwork with the other staff. Exemplars have been nominated and selected for the program by their peers. Once employees have been selected and have agreed to participate in the program, they remain in the Direct Support Professional position; however, they have additional expectations and duties, and are paid at a higher hourly rate for their work.

Mission Statement: Going Above and Beyond

Vision Statement: Leading by Example to Promote Excellence Among Direct Support Professionals



  • To reward exemplary Direct Support Professionals who wish to stay in direct care
  • To reward Direct Support Professionals for performance rather than just time with the agency
  • To create a group of long term direct care staff to provide good modeling and training to program
  • To create a group of Direct Support Professionals for whom there are higher expectations and opportunities within the organization
  • To incorporate Direct Support Professional feedback in planning & development of agency goals and programs


  • Direct Support Professionals will nominate peers (with feedback from Coordinators on those who were nominated). Exemplars will anonymously select new Exemplars who meet the criteria.
  • Coordinators will review Exemplars on a regular basis to ensure that their performance warrants continued Exemplar status.


  • Hourly wage increase
  • An immediate $100.00 bonus in cash
  • Exemplar physical identifier
  • Pair of tickets to Pastabilities Fundraiser


Why I Work For TURN

KatiePriest“I have worked for TURN for nine years now and one thing I can say is that my job is never boring! There are stressful times, but then there are always those little moments to remind me that I have a great job. I was nominated for the Exemplar Program three years ago. During the luncheon, I had the honor of listening to an individual supported by TURN [Jon Westling] who was the keynote speaker. He was an inspiring speaker, and super funny. His speech is a very memorable thing for me. Listening to him talk about how supported he felt by TURN, and how important it was to him, reminded me exactly why I do what I do. My job does make a difference in the lives of the people we support, and that is why I enjoy working for TURN.”  -Exemplar, Katie Priest

“Imagine going to work every day and your goal is to ‘turn dreams into reality.’ My name is Amy Steed, and I would like to tell you why I love my job. I’ve been in this field about 11 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love when I get to work; I’m greeted with excitement and a sense of being needed. The individuals I assist give meaning to my life and give me the opportunity to give back.

This job has many challenges, but there is a sense of major accomplishment when the individuals I assist learn to trust me. The rapport you build with them is an incredible feeling. The first time you get someone to try a new activity or redirect a negative behavior it makes you realize how important this job is. Not only do I help teach them the skills they need to live at home independently, but also be contributing members of the community.

A huge part of being a TURN Program Instructor is teaching the community that interacting with a person with disabilities is no different than interacting with anyone else. Showing a person with disabilities that they are able to interrelate successfully with community members is a wonderful experience for both. And sometimes friendships can evolve from these meetings.

The best word to describe this job is addictive. There is a constant feeling of thinking of new ways to assist the individuals to have a more productive and fulfilling life. Helping an individual overcome a fear or learn a new task can have many outcomes. It’s not always easy, and they may get upset with you, but you learn to recognize their signs and how it might affect what happens next—I love that what I have learned in this field has helped me in my every day life. It could take weeks, months, even years to see the changes; regardless when changes happen, the joy and self worth on their faces is indescribable. Every success they have is also your success because you know that you had a part in it.

In short, you are helping them, but in return what you receive totally outweighs what you give.”  -Amy Steed, Exemplar