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If you are up for a challenge, Shawn Rosenbaum invites you to a race! Shawn has won two awards for being the most dedicated employee at Pizza Hut, and is the self-proclaimed fastest pizza box folder in Northern Utah. Shawn started with Pizza Hut in March of 2000, has missed very few days, and takes pride in being at the same store for the last 17 years. He has built great friendships and rapport with his co-workers.

Besides being a lightning fast box-folder, Shawn also re-stocks the soda in the fridge, re-stocks the dipping sauces, counts chicken wings, and assists with the dishes. He navigates the store and completes all assigned tasks despite being legally blind. Shawn thrives on working in a busy environment and enjoys working on days when big orders from the school district come through and he is called in. His favorite day to work is Super Bowl Sunday! When Shawn is not at work, he enjoys making people laugh, and sharing his love for music and movies with his friends.

Branden Spink is definitely a success story! He has been employed at Arby’s in St. George for 6 months now, and he enjoys the extra money he has from having a job.  Branden takes care of both ends of the restaurant as he does dishes in the kitchen, keeps the dining room clean, takes out the trash and keeps the parking lot clear of debris. Branden is well-liked by his coworkers and is doing a great job with the customers at Arby’s! He lives with a couple of roommates and  goes to a TURN Day Program when he isn’t working. Branden enjoys bowling and basketball, and his goal is to continue working and making himself more independent. Well done, Branden!

Steven Powell has worked in various positions as part of TURN’s Top Cat Cleaning Crew in Cedar City for years. Based on his consistent performance and excellent attendance, Steven was offered the opportunity to attend the Workplace Foundations class at Southwest Applied Technology College. In September, 2016, Steven completed that course and received a job offer working twice a week for the Iron County School District. He is responsible for cleaning busses and general upkeep of the office at the bus garage.  Steven said of his job, “I like it, I like that I can go early.” Congratulations, Steven, your job is important!

kevin-mitoreyKevin Mitoray came to TURN in 1987 for residential services and moved into the Whitehead apartment program. Kevin lived at the Whitehead program for 2 years and then transferred to TURN’s supported living program in August of 1989. Kevin continues to receive residential supports in the supported living program and is very happy where he is living.

Kevin entered TURN’s Supported Employment Program in 1997. TURN worked with Kevin to obtain employment and Kevin began working at North Western Day Care Center, through Salt Lake County. Kevin worked in the kitchen. Kevin helped prepare food and clean the kitchen area. Kevin really enjoyed working at the center and worked there for 2 years. Kevin wanted more hours than the day care could offer him and he decided to seek other employment.

In April of 1999, Kevin started working for the University of Utah, in the janitorial department. Kevin loves his job and has now worked at the University Of Utah for 17 years.     Kevin is well liked by his coworkers and the staff who work in the building he cleans. In fact, for Kevin’s 10 year anniversary, everyone he works with threw him a huge party.

Kevin has the desire to work and works hard to be a great employee. Kevin has maintained his employment and was able to purchase his own condominium in 2003. Kevin is very proud of being a home owner and having a home he can call his own.

Kevin is a very upbeat person and is always smiling. Kevin enjoys talking to others and is friendly to everyone he interacts with, especially if the latest action hero movie is the topic of conversation. Kevin is always concerned with and willing to help others.

Kevin enjoys participating in all types of fun activities. In addition to loving action hero movies, Kevin loves Star Wars and collects memorabilia and action figures from his favorite movies. Kevin enjoys going to the movies and to Wendover. Kevin enjoys spending time with his father, going out to eat and hiking in the mountains. Kevin likes going out on dates with his long time girlfriend Denise. They really enjoy each other’s company, but he says he likes being a single guy.