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Hello, TCCA fans! The ladies and gents of TURN City Center for the Arts would like to let everyone know about the 2017 Performance Showcase. We get to show off the work of our visual artists every month at SLC Gallery Stroll, but we only showcase music, dancing, and acting once a year, and that time is nigh at hand!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 28th @ 10 am

WHERE: 511 W 200 S Ste 160 Salt Lake City

 Please utilize street parking. The performance will last just over one hour.

 Also, please RSVP to Katie Johnson or myself so that we know how many to expect.

 AND don’t miss this killer promo video! Get a sneak peek of what to expect:

2017 Performance Showcase Promo (Converted) from TURN Arts Center on Vimeo.


Hope to see you there!

By Katelyn Johnson

In September, TURN City Center for the Arts had their own booth at the Urban Arts Festival! It was a big undertaking, and a little nerve racking as we had never had a booth in a festival before, but well worth it! In our booth we showcased several drip paintings, string prints, and spray ink pieces that our wonderful artists had made, as well as prints of past works, and magnets and coasters with prints of artwork on them. And let me tell you, the coasters sold like hotcakes! We just about sold out of them and we sold a fair amount of our magnets as well!

The response from the public that we got a chance to talk to while manning the booth was very positive! People loved the artwork, and loved hearing about all the good work that TURN does. We only sold one original piece in the festival, but we were glad just to participate in such a great event, get our name out there, and display the artwork that our individuals created. The event was well attended by hundreds of people in the community, and we were in the company of some truly talented artists at the festival. It was a huge success in my book, not to mention a great experience that I hope we’ll get a chance to experience again as a program.

luckyDonors towards the capital campaign included Ray & Bobbie Christiansen, Max & Renone Hodson, Phil & Joellen Shumway and Bruno Siebach whose gift was matched by American Express.  Thanks to you all for helping towards the expansion of program and services for friends with disabilities.

Financial support of programs came from Carolyn Cowder, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Foundation, and donor advised gifts from the United Way of Northern Utah and the United Way of Central and Southern Utah.  You all made it possible for staff to assist individuals in daily living skills and in their efforts to find and sustain jobs.  Thank you.

Ruby Snap Cookies, Trader Joe’s and Sweet Tooth Fairy contributed the refreshments for the TURN City Center for the Arts 4th anniversary celebration.  Thank you for making it possible again to engage the community in recognizing this milestone and in being part of the festivities.  (The Art Center’s blog details more about their success in film making and recent art exhibit.)

The Gannett Foundation, parent company of The Spectrum newspaper in Cedar City and St. George, made a generous donation to our supported employment program.  Their gift is intended to help more individuals become employed, thereby reducing the extremely high unemployment rate of our friends with disabilities.

Because you, our friends, linked TURN with your Smiths card, your friends at TURN now have additional funds to supports Special Olympics and the recreation program to ensure no athlete or camper is left behind.  Thank you for your ongoing partnership and for encouraging your friends to do likewise.

Our friend Julie Oswald with a matching gift from her company Tesoro, contributed to the summer camps to be held this season.  Camps provide an opportunity for school aged youth with disabilities to be engaged in meaningful activities and academic skills rehearsal while providing respite to working parents.

The Town of Springdale UT sent a donation in memory of Robby Wilson who passed away this year.  Funds will provide his friends and staff with the opportunity to host a party in celebration of his life.  It was a kind and generous way to remember Robbie.
Deon Bennett kicked off the Pastabilities fund raiser with her donation.  She has been giving generously to TURN for the past nine years.  What a champion of our clientele and mission she is.

12 minutes maxOn Sunday, January 10th, TURN City Center for the Arts screened three of its short films at “12 Minutes Max”. This is a monthly showcase at the Salt Lake City Library featuring the performances of local artists of various disciplines, such as music, dance, and film. The films included “How to Dream”, a nonsensical stop-go animation piece, “For the Love of Tigers”, a dramatic narrative inspired by one of our artist’s drawings, and “Emanation”, an experimental combination of client footage, animation, and liquid light projection. It was so magical for us to see everything happening on the big screen! Several audience members inquired about our program at TURN City Center for the Arts, and we even recruited 3 new volunteers as a result of the screening! It is indeed exciting to see our creative efforts being reciprocated with such love and enthusiasm! Many thanks to Paul and Jason at the Salt Lake City Library for running “12 Minutes Max”, and for being willing to screen our films!

donate320x180Rocky Mountain Power Foundation generously gave in support of the Art Center.    Their gift will help purchase canvases, paints and supplies to allow the budding artisans develop their skills and prepare pieces for sale.

Mary Beck, Rick & Janis Bennion, Doug & Nancy Gladfelter, Luana Heaton’s Family, Steven & Janet Turner, Jim & Janet Witherspoon and Susie Miner have started off the Pastabilities activity by their contributions.

Susie Miner opened the Summer Camp project with her generous donation in support of the youth.

Founders Title Company’s gift of office furniture made it possible to outfit the new St. George program/offices.

Our friends at Weir Specialty Pumps landscaped the Holladay Duplex and made the outdoor environment more appealing for the four men who live there.

Phillip Miller of Suspicious Sound System made a donation in honor of Katelyn Roberts 16th birthday and sister Tammy.  He was also part of the  team at the Devil’s Daughter that helped support the event.

You can make a difference, too!

I have helped TURN in the past through my catering business.  I was happy to help on a personal basis.  – Elizabeth Copeland