TURN City Center for the Arts is an innovative day program that is dedicated to the artistic development of individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to provide these individuals with the assistance, adaptations, materials, and technical knowledge to create their artistic vision! We offer classes in watercolors, oil pastels, painting, improv, musical theater, drama, singing, percussion, poetry, creative writing, yoga, hapkido, break dancing, and more!


We are always looking for volunteers and extra help!  Let us know what you are interested in–there is something for everybody!  (Also, talk about a resume builder!  Holy guacamole!  We should be charging you to have this much fun!)

Arts Instructors

Design basic lesson plans for a specific class (example:  painting, oil pastels, dance technique, percussion) and lead that class twice monthly.  Provide assistance in the studio working one-on-one with clients, go on or lead fieldtrips, help with mobility issues and studio safety, always with staff assistance. (Requirements:  ability to teach at a relaxed pace, ability to explain things multiple ways, ability to think creatively and make adaptations as needed, ability to hear and understand feedback)

Arts Performers

We love hosting events!  If you are a part of a dance group, acting troop, musical group/solo performer, would like to share your original writings, or present your art work, we would LOVE to have you!  We will work out a day and time, and all you have to do is show up and do your thing!  (Requirements:  some awesome skills to share, enthusiasm, respectfulness)

Gallery Guide

We participate in the monthly Salt Lake Gallery Stroll!  The third Friday of every month, we are open from 6-9pm to show off the best artwork we’ve produced in the last month!  Although CCA Staff will always be at the event, we need additional assistance making sure that everyone that enters is greeted!  Some visitors want to learn more about our program, talk about the artists, and buy artwork.  Gallery Guides will assist in all of these areas! (Requirements:  friendly, outgoing, and willing to brag on some awesome people; shifts will be 1-1.5 hours, depending on the number of volunteers)

Gallery Assistant

Hanging the monthly gallery can be quite the chore!  Gallery Assistants will help tear down the previous gallery, clean the frames and walls, frame the new artwork, type title cards, and hang the show.  This usually takes about 20 man hours—Gallery Assistants will commit to at least a 2 hour time frame.  (Requirements:  careful, detail oriented, and patient)

Inventory Manager

We make A LOT of artwork!  We need assistance photographing, cataloguing the digital images, and packaging the artwork to be taken home.  Inventory Manager will also prep pieces in Photoshop to be made into prints, cards, and other products.  (Requirements:  familiarity with Photoshop, ability to use a camera, detail oriented)


Contact Katie Johnson at katiejohnson@turndreams.org, or give us a ring at 801-924-0347!  We will set up a tour date for you, and take the time to discuss your plans and goals!